Jul. 30th, 2030

Chat Post

Jul. 30th, 2030 09:00 am
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Chat about whatever you like, guys! Rules:

1. No threats or hate speech. This is a space for everyone and should be treated as such. Multiple violations will result in bans. However differing viewpoints and debates are encouraged! Get excited :D

2. If you have prompts you want filled, discuss them here, but try to bring them over to the kink meme so that other people can see them.

3. Meta and ideas from all mediums are welcomed. If you have thoughts to link from your tumblr or from a chat you had with someone elsewhere such as reddit or skype, I encourage you to link here or make a separate post in the comm so that everyone can discuss them.

4. You can go anon in chat if you want. 

5. Try to stay on topic. If the conversation devolves into off topic jokes or talking about your day, please take it to your personal blog, email, or to the skype chat set up by edgebug.tumblr.com. If you do not have the information about the skype chat, feel free to pm me and I will set it up so you can talk there.

(credit for the picture goes to angryblackman.tumblr.com)


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