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A couple of people on the kinkmeme have been leaving prompts involving Tracey, Michael's wife and George Michael's mother. I've been devoting way too much time to Tracey headcanon, so I wanted a post to consolidate what we actually know about her plus the main popular fan theory:

* she and Michael got married in 1989. Michael was a college sophomore at the time.
* at the wedding, one of GOB's illusions ended up setting her on fire.
* she died of ovarian cancer two years before the show began, probably in 2001/2002 (the narrator says she's been dead for two years as of season 1's 'Visiting Hours')
* she was a redhead.
* Rebel reminds Michael of her.
* she appears onscreen once, in a video from 1992, where she appears with young George Michael to promote George Senior's 'Babytock' invention.
* Lucille seems to have genuinely liked her. George didn't.

Implied in canon
* George Michael was born in 1989 or 1990, probably in July (assuming Michael only lied to Rebel about his son's age and not his birthday).
* if she's the same 'Tracey' mentioned in the flashback in Whistler's Mother, she and Michael probably went to same middle school.
* despite Michael saying when he looks to be about 13 that he's going to marry Tracey, they don't seem to have been dating long before they got married: George Michael is surprised that his dad's only slept with four women ("I know you got married sophomore year but there was your whole freshman year") which you'd think he wouldn't be if he knew his parents had been dating since high school.
* if that's Tracey in the picture behind Maggie Lizer (and who else is it likely to be?) she was brunette at some point
* she seems to have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer by 1994, judging by a flashback to the family's first fundraiser.

* there's a girl called "Tracy Barroga" in GOB's yearbook (note the spelling of the first name, although some of the boxes in the Bluth attic do have 'Tracy' written on them). She has an identical twin sister called Stacy and while the photo's black and white it looks like she's blonde.
* if that is Tracey/Tracy, she's not one of the six girls in his class who GOB had sex with in high school.
* additional fanon has it that Stacy is Rebel Alley's mother - Michael thinks there's a strong resemblance to Tracey and it's stressed that she's Ron Howard's illegitimate daughter - making Rebel and George Michael not only cousins but genetically just as related as if they were half-siblings.

I'm sure I'm missing some things - what else do we know about her? Or what headcanons do people have?

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Well, we know Barry has been taking credit for Michael's "divorce" for years!

Though i've been wondering where it is shown that "Tracey" is the canon spelling, as is the general consensus

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----if that's Tracey in the picture behind Maggie Lizer (and who else is it likely to be?) she was brunette at some point

The brunette might be Marta since she had recently ended her relationship(s) with the family.

There's a photo of a kid just below Maeby on that board. Is that supposed to be "Surely"? Or is there another kid somewhere that we've never met?


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