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Okay, so I was going to transcribe this glorious article about Gob and his lack of identity/mutability from the Arrested Development and Philosophy book, which I strongly recommend everyone buys, and then I realized it was ten freaking pages long. So I found an epub and copy-pasted poorly, I'll try to make the formatting not suck. Article is under the cut!

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Copying this over from tumblr, since it's not the best format for discussion:


More Notes on Timeline In Season 4

Or: Why we can’t trust any of the dates stated ever.
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I've seen a ton of funny/cool/interesting AD headcanons people have shared on tumblr or the chat. Leave yours in the comments to this post. As short and vague or long and detailed as you like.
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Why do you think Tony took a forget-me-now after sleeping with Gob?

Even taking off my rose-colored shipper glasses (though I will swear up and down that that this is a canon-ass romantic relationship) neither of them seems particularly upset by the encounter, reacting fairly serenely at least.

Granted, Gob attempted to roofie himself, but decided it was more important to make Michael forget (Afraid of judgement? Yes, no, maeybe so?) . But Tony seems more level-headed, and isn't show to be a frequent forget-me-now subscriber himself.

Or is it part of there same-ness: That they're both so used to deleting their shame that it's second nature?

(And if any other Blunder shippers would like to assure me that this ship will sail next season, it would be appreciated! (: )
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A couple of people on the kinkmeme have been leaving prompts involving Tracey, Michael's wife and George Michael's mother. I've been devoting way too much time to Tracey headcanon, so I wanted a post to consolidate what we actually know about her plus the main popular fan theory:

* she and Michael got married in 1989. Michael was a college sophomore at the time.
* at the wedding, one of GOB's illusions ended up setting her on fire.
* she died of ovarian cancer two years before the show began, probably in 2001/2002 (the narrator says she's been dead for two years as of season 1's 'Visiting Hours')
* she was a redhead.
* Rebel reminds Michael of her.
* she appears onscreen once, in a video from 1992, where she appears with young George Michael to promote George Senior's 'Babytock' invention.
* Lucille seems to have genuinely liked her. George didn't.

Implied in canon
* George Michael was born in 1989 or 1990, probably in July (assuming Michael only lied to Rebel about his son's age and not his birthday).
* if she's the same 'Tracey' mentioned in the flashback in Whistler's Mother, she and Michael probably went to same middle school.
* despite Michael saying when he looks to be about 13 that he's going to marry Tracey, they don't seem to have been dating long before they got married: George Michael is surprised that his dad's only slept with four women ("I know you got married sophomore year but there was your whole freshman year") which you'd think he wouldn't be if he knew his parents had been dating since high school.
* if that's Tracey in the picture behind Maggie Lizer (and who else is it likely to be?) she was brunette at some point
* she seems to have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer by 1994, judging by a flashback to the family's first fundraiser.

* there's a girl called "Tracy Barroga" in GOB's yearbook (note the spelling of the first name, although some of the boxes in the Bluth attic do have 'Tracy' written on them). She has an identical twin sister called Stacy and while the photo's black and white it looks like she's blonde. Poor-quality screencap: )
* if that is Tracey/Tracy, she's not one of the six girls in his class who GOB had sex with in high school.
* additional fanon has it that Stacy is Rebel Alley's mother - Michael thinks there's a strong resemblance to Tracey and it's stressed that she's Ron Howard's illegitimate daughter - making Rebel and George Michael not only cousins but genetically just as related as if they were half-siblings.

I'm sure I'm missing some things - what else do we know about her? Or what headcanons do people have?
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General Reference

Communities and Forums

Episode Guides and Transcripts
S4 Timelines
"Micellaneous" Resources

I'm sure this is far from complete, so please share additional links in the comments and I will update the list.

Chat Post

Jul. 30th, 2030 09:00 am
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Chat about whatever you like, guys! Rules:

1. No threats or hate speech. This is a space for everyone and should be treated as such. Multiple violations will result in bans. However differing viewpoints and debates are encouraged! Get excited :D

2. If you have prompts you want filled, discuss them here, but try to bring them over to the kink meme so that other people can see them.

3. Meta and ideas from all mediums are welcomed. If you have thoughts to link from your tumblr or from a chat you had with someone elsewhere such as reddit or skype, I encourage you to link here or make a separate post in the comm so that everyone can discuss them.

4. You can go anon in chat if you want. 

5. Try to stay on topic. If the conversation devolves into off topic jokes or talking about your day, please take it to your personal blog, email, or to the skype chat set up by If you do not have the information about the skype chat, feel free to pm me and I will set it up so you can talk there.

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